Shock Your Body Everyday

Woke up at 5 this morning to play hoops with some friends. It felt great and now I am zoned in…

I have been reading Altucher since days and more days than not I still read his latest incarnation which is more spiritual than market focused.

He provides a lot of lessons and advice but I don’t get much that way though I love hisstories, humor and novel view of the world.

I don’t get much from advice/self help stuff in general.

My sense is we know what to do and good advice is cheap while its the follow through that is key and more dependent upon where we are in the world, the choices we make and what we are willing to do rather than just reading something.

I’m also probably a little jaded by my knowledge of human change processes that came with my studies in psychology.

Nevertheless, one phrase from an old Altucher blog post (I cant even find it anymore on his blog) has stuck with me and inspired.

“Shock your body everyday.”

I’m not even sure that I am getting the quote exactly right but its how I remember it. I don’t take it in the purely physical sense either as my mind is a part of my body.

I have been shocking my body a lot, pushing myself hard for a while and it feels killer.