Reporters Are Never The Story…

Reporters are never the story and when they try to be I call bullshit.

I say this in light of the Mike, Paul and Erik idiocy over the past week.

Hey fellas, write me a story about Yahoo getting sniffed by PE firms or Kvetchr, the latest socnet for yentas, but please spare me the details of your pansy saga.

What are you, Lindsey Lohan?

Here is a picture of some guy from the Weather Channel reporting from Nagshead:

Putzilla, go inside. You are not saving anyone’s life. You are not a part of the story, the devastation or one of those losing your house or life.

And hey TechCrunch guys, did you just get a prostate exam because I would love to see the pictures. Maybe you can get Kara to post them and link back and then the NYT can run the story 2 weeks later with a headline thats funny because it misses the gist entirely.

And then maybe one day they will make a movie about the exam and they’ll get Willem Dafoe to play your friggin’ prostate.