Crushing it with California WineWorks

Yesterday, my wife and I spent a couple hours with friends at California WineWorks in Mahwah, NJ.

If you are a foodie and/or enjoy wines as well, this place is a must try.

The concept at the wineworks is simple and brilliant. You gather up a group of friends and make a bunch of wine together.

The WineWorks does all the heavy lifting and keeps you from ruining your vintage while teaching you the basics of wine making and allowing you to get your hands dirty.

They bring in the grapes from Napa, they have the experts walking you through each step and they  make sure you operate the heavy machinery correctly.  They even serve up the spirits and antipasta while you’re there.

Yesterday, on our first visit to the hidden warehouse, we did the crushing.

<< Here is a picture of my awesome wife mixing something or another.

I must admit that I did not contribute the most to our efforts yesterday and instead stayed in the background taking pictures and drinking wine.

Next week, our cabal will return and do some kind of squeezing and then put the wine in barrels.

Then, we will return again in 4 months and bottle the wine.

If anyone has a great idea for a name for our wine and/or a label design, please send it along.  If I choose yours, I will send you a bottle. 🙂